WeedGuard Plus -
Stops weed
on biological way

Better yields froma healthy soil

WeedGuard Plus -
Stops weed
on biological way

Better yields froma healthy soil

WeedGuard Plus -
Stops weed
on biological way

Better yields froma healthy soil

Frequently asked questions …

Is WeedGuard Plus naturally degradable?

Yes, WeedGuard Plus is a paper-based weed blocker and 100% biodegradable.

Can I use WeedGuard Plus for all types of plantations?

Yes, WeedGuard Plus is suitable for use with flowers, vegetables, bushes and fruits.

By covering with WeedGuard Plus, do I not prevent the growth of the plants?

No, quite the opposite. The use of WeedGuard Plus stimulates growth and provides the soil with additional nutrients. WeedGuard Plus allows the plants to grow naturally in a weed-free environment.

How can I water my plants despite using WeedGuard Plus?

The structure of WeedGuard Plus is suitable for any type of irrigation method, i.e. WeedGuard Plus not only allows water to pass through but can also be laid on irrigation systems.

What additional benefits does WeedGuard Plus offer me?

WeedGuard Plus promotes growth, enriches the soil with nutrients, ensures optimum air circulation and premature soil warming and binds soil moisture.

Can I lay WeedGuard Plus also mechanically?

Of course! For larger areas it is advisable to lay WeedGuard Plus mechanically. When laying out WeedGuard Plus, however, make sure that the edges are weighted down with soil to prevent WeedGuard Plus from shifting.

How do I handle WeedGuard Plus when it is no longer needed?

WeedGuard Plus rots between 3 and 6 months, depending on its composition. You can then simply plough WeedGuard Plus into the soil or dispose of it in compost.

What is the difference between the 3 WeedGuard Plus versions offered?

There is a standard version and a standard version creped. The surface of the creped version is more flexible to handle and therefore more suitable for some applications. The Fertilized version (not available yet) is a biological mulch paper with fertilizer additives that provide the soil with minerals.

Can WeedGuard Plus also be used in conventional production?

Of course. However, organic farms and private households with an increased environmental awareness are primarily among the interested parties, as they see themselves more responsible to use exclusively organic tools for ecological cultivation.

Why should I choose WeedGuard Plus? Can’t I also use PE film?

You can also use PE film, but it is not biodegradable. While WeedGuard Plus can simply be ploughed under, the PE film must be collected and disposed of accordingly. In addition, the use of WeedGuard Plus can completely eliminate the need for herbicides.

Are there already experiences with WeedGuard Plus?

Yes, WeedGuard Plus has been increasingly used successfully by organic farms in the USA for years.

How long does WeedGuard Plus last?

WeedGuard Plus is designed for one growth period. Depending on weather conditions, WeedGuard Plus can rot within a period of 3 to 6 months.

How does the water get into the soil and to the plants?

WeedGuard Plus is a paper-like material and highly porous, making it permeable to air and water.

Why does WeedGuard Plus not disintegrate when it gets wet?

WeedGuard Plus is mixed with environmentally friendly components that hold it together when it absorbs moisture.

How does WeedGuard Plus, enriched with fertiliser, transport nutrients to the soil and plants?

The fertiliser enrichment in WeedGuard Plus is released with a time delay. This allows valuable nutrients to slowly seep into the soil and promote plant development.

How does WeedGuard Plus, enriched with fertilisers, differ from conventional powder and liquid fertilisers?

The enriched WeedGuard Plus contains added comparable, balanced fertilisers. The advantage of the enriched WeedGuard Plus is that the fertiliser is applied locally and not over a wide area. The fertiliser targets the underlying plant directly.